What's New?


Introduction to Panopticon 17

With Panopticon 17, we introduce a new product: Panopticon Streams, a Kafka-based stream processing engine that requires no coding. We have also made numerous improvements in the visual analytics capabilities of the system, including enhanced Kx kdb+tick connectivity and an improved Kafka connector.


Quick Introduction to Capital Markets Use Cases for Panopticon Fast Analytics

Major buy-side and sell-side firms and exchanges in financial centers around the world use Panopticon fast analytics to improve profitability and perform
Market Microstructure, Spread & Liquidity, Flow, and Order & Execution Analytics, and conduct quantitative analysis using R and Python.

Visualize Your Order Book With Full Depth

Visualize your Order Book with Full Depth

Panopticon enables traders to visualize their Order Books at full depth. While looking at Top of Book to see the spread across time is useful, traders can’t see what’s happening at depth unless they use much more sophisticated visualizations, as demonstrated in this video.

Built for Traders

Panopticon enables traders and managers to spot outliers and anomalies, including fraud, in trading data.

Major investment banks, asset managers, and exchanges use Panopticon to improve profitability, monitor risk, and comply with regulations, including MiFID II.