• Fast analysis of positions, exposures and trading activity
  • Delivered through real time analytical dashboards
  • Risk and P&L variance anomalies are quickly identified and acted upon


Intra day and historic liquidity analysis and reporting in accordance with BCBS 248

Data Quality

Analysis of the risk metrics and dimensions that constitute risk reporting


Intra day and historic VaR & sensitivity reporting and trend analysis across book and instrument hierarchies

Credit / Counterparty

Intra day and historic exposure reporting and trend analysis across business, and counterparty legal hierarchies

P&L Attribution

Intra-day and historic analysis of P&L, focusing on the impact of high frequency trading, and aligning the attributed P&L to the market risk metrics

Trading Limits

Real Time monitoring and analysis of front office trading limits, comparing current market activity to historic trading profiles, allowing trading desks to proactively identify changes to risk profiles

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