Brokerages, asset managers and banks use Panopticon to visually analyze and monitor profitability in real time, at end of day, and across historic time series. Typical implementations involve data federation incorporating feeds from transactional order processing and CRM systems along with allocation of revenues and service costs in order to identify profitable and unprofitable business areas.

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Application scenarios

  • Real-time P&L monitoring
  • Trader profitability analysis
  • Client profitability analysis
  • Product profitability analysis
  • Geographic profitability analysis
  • Money flow analysis
  • Investment research distribution analysis

Improve Overall Profitability

Firms handling sell side, buy side, and custody clients use Panopticon’s OLAP-enabled, interactive dashboards to understand how profitable their customers are. They can also look at profitability individual traders, products, regions, and offices.

Data visualization optimized for efficient profitability analysis

Panopticon supports the critical functions required to analyze profitability efficiently:

  • Subscribe to topics from a real-time message bus
  • Subscribe to full and parameterized streams from CEP engines
  • Federate static and real-time streaming data through joins and unions
  • Display and interact with fund hierarchies
  • Dynamically change additive hierarchies and aggregate values
  • Drill and jump between data dimensions — for example, book to product to client to geography and so on
  • Aggregation and netting
  • Time window and time period analysis to identify deltas and changes between time periods
  • Visualize trends, clustering, correlations, and outliers