• To understand, gain insight and take informed action
  • HTML5 Real Time Analytics


Real time streaming fast analytical dashboards, designed to quickly answer questions, identifying anomalies, trends, clustering and relationships


Select a specific point in time, and visualize data at that snapshot. Play through time.

Time Series

Long period, and intra-day time series down to the individual ticks. Identify past performance, investigate current anomalies, and support backtesting.

High Density Displays

Displays built to provide insight, to instantly highlight anomalies, divergence from existing performance

Peer Comparison

Quickly compare peer performance, both across all, and within peer groups


Quickly compare performance through the correlation of numeric measures, and the correlation of categories


Quickly identify trends across time, and between numeric measures


Quickly identify performance anomalies, either against set limits, or against historic performance points


Quickly identify the strength and stability of relationships between data points


Quickly screen datasets based on set criteria; either through the visuals themselves, through brushing or through specific filter controls across text, numeric and time data fields


Have complete control on the layout of the analytical dashboards. Position each visual, legend, filter and control, and style with appropriate fonts, colors, etc.