• Fast Investigation
  • Improve understanding of the macro view
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Visualizations designed to speed investigations, whether focused on trending, correlations, clustering, distributions spike & outlier detection, or traditional financial time series

Playback tick time or calendar time

Playback through historic data like a DVR, swapping between calendar time,more suitable for overview performance, or tick time which is more suitable to transaction playback.  Identify spikes, and play frame by frame, or play forward watching the cumulative impact of events.


Filter or zoom into historic activity, from years, down to days, hours, minutes, seconds, milliseconds, down to the individual ticks.   Automatically re-query the underlying tick or time series database for the required data.

Fill forward (interpolate)

Easily interpolate gaps in the data, filling forward previous values to ensure the dataset is complete


Easily conflate data, displaying the appropriate granularity for the display, avoiding over typing, and optimizing performance, and analysis time


Easily perform calculations across the time series, whether cumulative totals, moving averages, relative returns, or comparisons within selected time windows


Natively connect to common tick databases, time series databases, and big data platforms, ensuing that the full analytical power of these platforms is harnessed