• Fast Analysis
  • Real Time Streaming & Real Time Updates
  • Analyze live market and trading conditions
  • Provides the information you need to make better timing and execution decisions
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Visual high density displays – fast detection of anomalies

Push Subscribe

Subscribe to the latest state of real time data feeds

Automatic Pull

Automatically poll operational data stores for the latest data, if subscription is not supported


Pause real time updates to allow fast investigation


Desktop alerting when metrics have crossed defined thresholds


Investigate identified anomalies, through drilling into more detail, and display of intra-day and historic related views


Conflate incoming feeds to optimize analytical displays

Latest or scrolling time windows

Visually display either the latest state, or generate scrolling time windows of events, identifying anomalies relative to peers and recent history


Join the latest real time streaming data to average historic performance to support fast identification of anomalous behavior


Connect to common Real time data platforms, whether message buses, Complex Event Processing Engines (CEP), tick databases and real time data marts