Panopticon advanced data visualization software supports fast, efficient visual analysis of real-time streaming and historical time series data:

  • Message buses: JMS, AMQP, RabbitMQ, AMPS
  • Apache Kafka Distributed Streaming Platform
  • CEP engines: TIBCO StreamBase, SAP ESP
  • Tick/Time Series databases: Kx kdb+, OneTick, InfluxDB, Vertica
  • NoSQL: Cassandra, MongoDB, elastic, Spark
  • Relational databases: Any SQL database

Real Time Streaming

Visualize data from message buses, CEP engines & tick databases

Visualize Intraday & Historic Time Series Data

Display & analyze tick data down to the nanosecond level

Visual Analysis

Display, Snapshot, Time Series, High Density Displays, Peer Comparison, Correlations, Trends, Outliers

Hierarchy Analysis

Hierarchical Displays, High Density Displays, Dynamic hierarchy rearrangement, Multiple concurrent hierarchies, Aggregation, Additive, Non-additive

Tick Data Connectivity

OneMarketData OneTick, Kx kdb+, Native Connectivity, Request / Response Subscriptions

Build Custom User Interfaces

URL Actions, Navigation Actions, Script Actions, Parameterization, Various Form Controls, Data Entry

Big Data Connectivity

Spark SQL, Cassandra, Apache Kafka, Impala, Hadoop Hive

Real Time Connectivity

WebSocket, Message Bus, CEP, Live Database, CPU/Memory Throttling, Maintaining State, Scrolling Time Windows, Automatic...


Python, R, Data Frame, Transform, Data Source, Parameter Selection  


Windows or Linux, Caching Data Conduit, Security integration, Split Deployments, PDF Generation, Audit Logging,...