Faster Analytics

Faster Data Access:

  • Real time streaming access to the latest data

Faster Data Understanding:

  • Visual analysis, designed to highlight anomalies, trends, clusters and relationships

Faster Investigation:

  • Time series analysis down to the individual tick and a sequence ID
  • Rewind, playback through time, and backtest

Faster Action:

  • Make smart timing and execution decisions

Faster Deployment:

  • Connect to data, design, and publish real time analytical trading dashboards with one click
  • Remove the need for bespoke user interface development, reducing delivery risk and delivery time



Only Panopticon

Real Time Streaming:

  • Can show you what is happening now!

Intra-day & Historic Time Series

  • Can drill into, and quickly playback through time, from years worth of data down to individual sub second ticks

Visual Analysis

  • Is designed for visual anomaly detection across real time, intraday and historic datasets
  • Visuals designed for analysis across trading, risk & compliance
  • Visualizes hierarchical data, whether business, instrument, or customer structures


  • Integrates into your existing real time messaging, CEP, tick database, cube, relational database, predictive and big data environments