Monitor & Analyze Real-Time Risk, Performance, and Attribution Data

Investment banks, hedge funds, exchanges, and asset managers all over the world use our advanced data visualization tools to conduct profitable business, ensure best execution, monitor risk, and comply with MiFID II and other regulations.

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Faster Analytics

Faster Data Access

  • Real time streaming access to the latest data

Faster Comprehension

  • Visual analysis, designed to highlight anomalies, trends, clusters, and relationships

Faster Investigation

  • Time series analysis down to the individual tick and a sequence ID
  • Rewind, playback through time, and backtest

Faster Action

  • Make smart timing and execution decisions

Faster Deployment

  • Connect to data, design, and publish real time analytical trading dashboards with a few clicks
  • Removes the need for custom HTML5 development; reduces delivery risk and project duration
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Nanosecond Accuracy

Real Time Streaming

  • See what is happening right now

Intraday & Historic Time Series

  • Drill in and and quickly playback trading data through time, from years worth of trades down to individual trades

Visual Analysis

  • Makes it easy to see anomalies quickly in real time, intraday, and historic data
  • Perfect fit for trading, risk, and compliance applications
  • Visualize hierarchical data, including industry, instrument, office, region, trader, or customer structures


  • Integrates into your existing real time messaging system, CEP engine, tick database, cube, relational database, and big data environments, including Kafka and Hadoop
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