Since 1999, the Panopticon team has worked with the largest banks, broker dealers, fund managers and exchanges, throughout New York, London, Chicago, Paris, Frankfurt, Sydney, and other global financial centers. We’ve also been embedded in compliance, risk, and trading systems trusted by an even larger group of buy and sell side customers.

Panopticon started out as the technology offshoot of an emerging markets retail brokerage. The team needed visibility into the trends and outliers in ever-increasing amounts of e-trading data. They developed our suite of visual analytics tools to minimize the latency of informed decision making.

Traders and managers using Panopticon can visualize, understand, develop insight, and act immediately, without waiting for end-of-day reports. Panopticon provides visual anomaly detection for real time streaming, intraday, and historic time series data sets to identify problems or opportunities that are easily missed with traditional trader displays and reports.

New York: +1 800.445.3311
London: +44 845 362 3270

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